At Ellis Counseling LLC, we focus on providing the best counseling practices to clients with all types of mental health needs.

Individual Therapy

If you are experiencing feelings of depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, anger, loneliness, grief, or if you are dealing with physical, emotional or sexual abuse, the counselors at Ellis Counseling are here to help. We support many different insurance companies and are currently accepting new clients. Please contact us to make an appointment.

Couples Therapy

The core of our relational counseling is helping couples develop a deeper connection. Conflict in relationships is simply growth trying to happen. Imago Relational Therapy helps our couples understand their conflict and develop new behaviors that invite growth and healing. Since healing takes place over time, we ask couples to commit to a minimum of 12 weeks of therapy and possibly attend a couples workshop.

Divorce, separation, and custody are also three stressful situations. At Ellis Counseling we have experience working with adults and children who have or are experiencing the stressors related to divorce and separation. It would be our pleasure to help during these stressful times. Please contact us to make an appointment.

Children and Adolescent Therapy

At Ellis Counseling, we work with children and adolescents, including those from foster care and adoptive backgrounds, as well as children and adolescents with problematic behaviors and self-esteem issues, or dealing with grief or sexual abuse. We have experience in these areas and often use play therapy as an approach to resolving the issues. Please contact us to make an appointment.